Paul John Christmas Edition 2021...

Paul John Christmas Edition 2021 (46.0%): Nothing says "Holiday Season is here..!" more than finding the Paul John Christmas Edition sample in your mailbox... 2021 is the fourth year of this special bottling and the third one distributed in US. You can check out my reviews of the earlier releases by clicking on 2020 and 2019 here respectively. This time it is a marriage of ex-Bourbon barrel, ex-Port and ex-Madeira wine cask matured single cask whiskies. Ok, let's go..!

Color: Old polished copper, orange blossom honey color liquid forming a thin ring around the glass immediately turning into quick but quite oily looking legs. It has such an inviting deep orange color...

Nose: Sesame brittles, candied orange peel and dried black currants. Toasted coconut flakes, melted butter and warm honey.

Palate: Caramel pecan brittles, toasted almonds and hazelnuts and allspice. Letting it air even a couple of minutes helps immensely: Whole cloves, butterscotch and star anise. It's growing on me every minute... White chocolate, nutmeg and steamed milk.

Finish: Medium to long with baking spices: Cloves, ground ginger and allspice. Burnt honey and hot chocolate.

Overall: It probably cannot get more Christmasy than this... The spices added by ex-Port and ex-Madeira wine casks are spot on. Although it is incredibly loaded from nose to finish with all kind of baking spices, honey and caramel driven notes it has a rather light mouthfeel which gives an incredibly pleasurable drinking experience. I loved how it is not too viscous and syrupy on the texture because most of the time special releases focusing on Christmas and Holidays end up being very thick and jammy limiting your pace to one glass per night. It is definitely not the case here. Like always many thanks to my friend US Brand Ambassador of Paul John Koray Kaan Ă–zdemir for sending me this sample and making this review possible. Happy Holidays to you too Whisky Monster..!

Price: $85