Watt Whisky Blended Scotch 18yo...

Watt Whisky Blended Scotch 18yo (56.3%): A gorgeous sunny Sunday here in Los Angeles... I woke up early, met friends visiting town to have breakfast, walked six miles back home along the beach, took a quick shower and sat down to taste some whisky... What could be the most appropriate choice for an early afternoon pour? I'd say an 18 year old blended Scotch from Watt Whisky sounds just perfect..!  This whisky is filled in 2003 in a hogshead and bottled in 2021 to yield 345 bottles at 56.3% abv.

Color: Orange blossom honey, light amber color with thin, quick but oily looking legs.

Nose: Noses like a blend from 80s you might find on a shelf of a liquor store all forgotten collecting dust... Medical alcohol, limoncello and lemon twist. Honey syrup, wet wool and canned peaches. Water doesn't improve or add that much but the citruses are more orange now: Tangerines or Seville orange maybe.

Palate: I still think it resembles old blends but the palate is way more enjoyable than the nose: Red and blue plums, blueberry juice and fresh almonds with skins on. Water works much better on the palate. Hot toddy: Cinnamon, cloves and lemon wedges. Fresh ginger, warm honey and blood ornage.

Finish: Short to medium with paprika, white pepper and ground ginger.

Overall: Great session whisky... It reminded me the El Vino blends I used to get a couple of every time I visited London. Does anyone else remember those..? Perfect for afternoons or early evenings before dinner, would pair great with your favorite ale and also priced absolutely perfect. I really wish I had a full bottle of this now...

Price: £70