Watt Whisky "An Orkney Distillery" 8yo...

Watt Whisky "An Orkney Distillery" 8yo (57.1%): A not so hard to guess but still shall remain nameless whisky from Watt Whisky... It is distilled in 2012 by one of two distilleries on Orkney and filled in an ex-Bourbon hogshead to be filled after eight years to yield 392 bottles at cask strength.

Color: Pale lemon chiffon, light straw color with relatively large teardrops around the glass slowly turning into thick legs.

Nose: Well, this whisky is definitely distilled by the folks who use peated barley for their spirit. By the distillery which is situated slightly more north than the other one on the island... Peated new make, wet sand and butane fuel. Melted butter, honeysuckle and lemon verbana. If you are wondering how I know the lemon verbana smell believe or not we actually have a lemon verbana scented shower gel in our bathroom right now. Seaweed, toasted coconut and banana milk. Water works great. Really great... Hyacinths and jonquils, spearmint leaves and cocoa powder.

Palate: Kinda hot at this abv. Definitely put some hair on my chest: Young spirit, jonquils and caramel brittles. After adding water: Prickly pears, vanilla and lemon cookies.  Sweet and spicy reminding one of those healthy ginger - turmeric drinks.

Finish: Medium with white pepper, ground ginger and vanilla.  

Overall: Maybe because it is on the younger side or maybe it is not their regular distillate but it certainly felt peatier than the distillery's ordinary bottlings. Also if you are wondering it is entirely different than the 14yo release from the same distillery Watt Whisky bottled sometime last year. This one is full smoky, floral, spicy and sweet. Very solid cask... I have to say that we have a very promising showstopper coming soon as the last sample from Watt Whisky's new releases. There is a reason why I left that one to the last and I am very excited to say the least. Watch the space.

Price: £61