dreaming to return to Islay...

This week it has been one year since I visited Islay. Unbelievable.... I can still smell the briny air, sea weeds and turf of that beautiful island. I have to be back soon. Starting tonight I will raise a toast every night of the week to a different distillery that hosted me so kindly. Let's see how good LA bars are... I am planing to start with an Ardbeg 10. Slainte..!

road from port ellen to laphroaig distillery
islay/november 2009
river sorn and woods in bridgend
islay/november 2009 
road to mull of oa
islay/november 2009
church of portnahaven and port wemyss
islay/november 2009
rhinns of islay lighthouse on the isle of orsay
islay/november 2009


Islay Scotland said…
I came across a couple of your Islay pictures yesterday which you sent me in February this year. Nice coincidence isn't it? I hope for you that you will make it back to Islay soon!
Thanks Ron..! Cannot wait to make it back... :)
Jennifer said…
I miss Scotland every day, ever since I left (eleven years ago), excepting the days when I've visited since. No kidding! Funny, but just tonight, we were reminiscing about uisce beatha, Scotland, and connected memories... Ach!