Bowmore Dorus Mor 10yo...

Bowmore Dorus Mor 10yo (54.9%): Now this is a bottle I was hunting for for some time... It is the third batch of Bowmore's Dorus Mor releases in US which is actually the exact same whisky branded under the name Tempest for the rest of the world. I reviewed the first Dorus Mor release back in 2014 which I loved a lot and I am quite curious now about how they will compare. Like the other batches it is distilled from Islay and Scotticsh barley malted on the distillery's own malting floors only, matured in first-fill bourbon casks in Vault No.1 warehouse under the sea level and bottled at cask strength.

Color: Oaked Chardonnay, with thick and strong legs.

Nose: Oh, boy... Grilled pineapple rings, papaya and clementine soda. Plastic Ziploc containers, and Wintergreen Altoids. Dried sea salt on the skin and newly purchased beach balls. Toasted coconut shavings and fresh rosemary. A few drops of water bring up lemon drops, tonic water and lime wedges.

Palate: Peaty and quite hot at this abv. Toasted oak, white wine vinegar and dried seaweed sheets, nori... Beach bonfire, wet sand, pickled banana peppers and lemongrass. Adding water makes it more approachable: White cranberry juice, citrus flavored mineral water and fresh raspberries.

Finish: Long and tart... Cranberries and sweet soot.

Overall: I knew that I would love it... I have been a big fan of Tempest releases, enjoyed all the batches I tasted so far and this release is simply as good as the other ones if not better. It's more fruity, tart and sweet compared to the earlier batches but at the end that tartness is what really got me. It's juicy, young, filled with tropical fruits and surrounded with salty ocean driven notes. Consistent from the nose to finish... Absolutely loved it... If you are a fan of young ex-bourbon matured Islay whiskies like I am it wouldn't get better.

Price: $100


Bowmore Distillery // November 2009