Laphroaig Cairdeas 2018...

Laphroaig Cairdeas 2018 Fino Cask Finish (51.8%): Every year it's the same dilemma. Laphroaig Cairdeas hits the shelves here in California in the middle of August when it's hotter than inside of a pot still... You buy one bottle right away regardless because you know that you will miss your chance if you hesitate. Then that bottle comes home with you, finds a nice and comfy place on your whisky shelf and the infamous staring contest starts... You know that you should better wait for a slightly less drenching night but you also cannot keep your eyes away... And finally one night as soon as you feel touch of a cool breeze in your face you grab the bottle, pop it open and fill your glass... Yes, last night was that night...

I absolutely love Fino sherries and also love ex- fino sherry cask finished whiskies. I was dying to spend some time this whisky since it was first released during Feis Ile at the end of last May and here it is...

Color: Copper, bright and clear with fast and thin legs.

Nose: Oil soaked rags, diesel fuel and wet soil. Beef jerky, grilled banana peppers and grappa. Dry and dusty... Smoked hazelnuts, grilled pineapples and asparagus. Adding water works great: Sweeter now. Wet sand, first aid kit, cheese brine and saw dust.

Palate: It is very green and vegetal like it was on the nose. Dandelion leaves, green hay and salt. Lots of salt but not coastal more like rock salt... Eucalyptus drops and bell peppers. The texture holds pretty good after adding water, still oily and viscous. It tastes younger now though and I am liking it a lot. Dry and salty... Green olives, ashtray and grape stems.

Finish: Long... Dry peat, poached pears and bitter almonds.

Overall: It is salty and dry... The way I like my Laphroaig the most. Fino finish added some amazing grape stem and earthy notes on top of Laphroaig's classic medicinal and salty backbone. One of the better Cairdeas releases for sure. Happy to have a full bottle instead of a sample, highly recommended. 

Price: $80