Port Charlotte MRC:01...

Port Charlotte MRC:01 (59.2%): Since I am still high on PC10 I tasted yesterday I wanted to continue the Port Charlotte hype and reached out the sample of MRC:01 sitting on my desk. This one is a seven year old whisky distilled from 100% Scottish barley peated at 40ppm from Invernesshire which spent the first six years in 50% ex-bourbon and 50% second-fill ex-French wine casks and then married together for another year in ex-Left Bank Bordeaux wine casks sourced from an estate who shall remain nameless creating the code MRC. Those casks must have cost a fortune by the way... Only 8,000 bottles got released.

Color: Medium amber, orange blossom honey with fat and oily legs.

Nose: Very meaty and ashy... Beef jerky, briskets on barbecue and burnt ends. Add some fruits and vegetables also onto the grill: Grilled pineapple rings, charred banana peppers and grilled asparagus. This is so enjoyable... I might spend some more time here. When you are patient enough to go through all the barbecue smoke and continue to nose there is a beautiful dustiness: Dried cranberries, dry malt, chalk and stone fruits. Fresh nectarines, white peaches and apricots. Caramelized onions and freshly squeezed lemon juice. A few drops of water add bitter greens, lime and celery sticks. More green and less red now if that makes any sense.

Palate: Incredibly easy to drink at this abv. More fruity and less meaty than the nose. Red plums, nectarines and peaches first. Then the red wine comes... Tart and loaded with red fruits. Red currants, strawberries and sour raspberries. Vintage port wine and sour cherry juice. All with the addition of charred wood and grill ash. Water adds texture: It is doughy and creamy now. Cream soda, unsalted butter and fennel seeds. 

Finish: Long with sweet paprika, toasted oak and baking spices.

Overall: Stunning whisky... Such a great feeling to taste two amazing Port Charlottes in a row in two days. It definitely puts a stupid smile on your face. It is a meaty, doughy and fruity whisky. Not an everyday drinker but it would make the day you drink it memorable for sure. I wish I bought a bottle when I had the chance to do so. Many thanks to Istanbul Whisky Society for the sample.

Price: $110


Lee said…
Drop by any time.... I got a bottle ;-)