Port Charlotte PC10...

Port Charlotte PC10 (59.8%): So, to start with this is Port Charlotte PC 10 named "Tro Na Linntean" which means "through generations" in Gaelic released in 2012, not the limited editions of Port Charlotte 10 year olds released in clear bottles exactly like this one or the new core range Port Charlotte 10 year old released in new dark green bottles. It is still a ten year old whisky though distilled from barley peated at 40ppm, matured in American oak casks and bottled at cask strength. 6,000 bottles got released. This bottling was the first Port Charlotte bottling released after Allan Logan took the title of Distillery Manager in Bruichladdich following Jim McEwan's retirement and also marked Allan's 10th year in the distillery.

Color: Yellow gold, oaked Chardonnay with thin but persistent legs.

Nose: Sweet, malty and coastal... Ocean spray, cookie dough and lemon peel. Brown sugar, vanilla extract and black gardening soil. A few drops of water add more earthy notes: Damp forest floor, decaying leaves and wet beach sand. Also I am getting some tropical notes now: Grilled pineapple rings, sweet guava and fresh mint leaves.

Palate: Lemon juice, sea salt and soft baked sugar cookies. Excellent palate... Dry soot, hemp rope and mocha. Poached sweet stone fruits: White peaches, apricots and red plums. After adding water: Peach cobbler, fruit tart and cream puffs. Wildflower honey and salty sea water running down to your mouth after you take a dip into the ocean. 

Finish: Long with soil, sea salt and honey. Lemon peel, baby bananas and sweet malt.

Overall: I know it is pricy but this is one hell of a whisky... It is easy to forget how good even the regular Port Charlotte releases are while all the different peaty whiskies are hitting the shelves on a weekly basis and I have to be reminded now and then but this bottling is particularly good... Salty, citrusy and doughy goodness... Sweet stone fruits and honey all covered by dark earthy notes. Beautifully balanced... It might be one of my favorite official Port Charlotte releases till now. Thanks again to Sku for sharing this bottle with us.

Price: $150