Laphroaig Lore...

Laphroaig Lore (48.0%): Today when I was tidying up around my desk I found a sample bottle I thought that I lost (or drank) long time ago... Kinda made me excited. Laphroaig Lore is an NAS expression of the distillery's permanent line-up launched in 2016 if I remember correctly to replace the discontinued and beloved 18yo. It is blended from whiskies matured in different cask types and sizes aging between 7 and 21 year old.

Color: Light amber, aged sweet white wine with thin lacing and slow tears around the glass.

Nose: Absolutely amazing start... Cheap beach balls, old fashioned rubber dive mask, oil soaked cotton ropes and outboard engine... All kind of cliche but very suiting maritime references to follow: Ocean spray, wet sand and heavy grease. Lemon pound cake, bergamot peel and fresh rosemary sprigs. Sea salt, orange blossom honey and pine cones. I can spend hours here nosing this whisky. Gorgeous...

Palate: Very textured and thick... Less citrusy and salty than the nose prepared me for. Dense fruit cake, ground cloves and allspice. Peach compote and apricots. Peat, fruit flavored club soda and milk chocolate. Layers and layers of goodness... Nutmeg, salt sprinkled blood orange slices and lightly toasted oak. Oloroso sherry and orange liquor.

Finish: Long, I mean long... It peels layer by layer as it fades out: Wet soot, brine, peach sorbet and cooked raisins. Green peppercorns and oak.

Overall: Wow, I totally forgot how good this whisky is... A true blending masterclass. It is layered, textured and complex. Fresh, vibrant and citrusy and warming and also matured, fruity and spicy. All at the same time, all in perfect harmony from nose to finish. I feel like I should be sitting somewhere quiet and dark, preferably outside, looking out to some kind of landscape, preferably to the ocean, while sipping a glass of this whisky drop by drop. Like listening to a record with its sleeve in your hands in the dark right next to the turntable... Gosh... I'm afraid I will go online and order a bottle now. Thank you for this whisky John Campbell..!

Price: $110