Domaine Labet 2007 Marc de Jura...

Domaine Labet 2007 Marc de Jura (48.7%): After three whiskies in a row from the Southern Coast of Islay on the blog let's take a break from all that peat, ash and sea salt and move to the hills of inland France this time... This is a Marc from Jura, a relatively small and isolated wine region tucked between Burgundy and Switzerland. It is distilled by Domaine Labet from which we actually tasted their 2003 vintage before here on the blog. They use the skins and lees from Savagnin, Poulsard and Chardonnay grapes for the distillation and this release is aged for minimum ten years in used wine barrels.

Color: Medium to dark amber. Light chestnut honey with a distinct orange hue and quick but thick and oily legs all around the glass.

Nose: Furniture polish, black gardening soil and candied orange peels. Lightly brewed green tea, fall foliage in the park and quince paste. Lemon sugar cookies and fresh ginger. A couple drops of water always works for me on the  nose with pomace brandies even though the abv is low. More floral now: Rose petals, Fino sherry and brushwood, sticks and twigs.

Palate: Tart and winey... Kriek lambic beer, fresh medlar and tasting immature wine straight from the barrel. Cloves, preserved grape leaves and grape molasses. Adding water thinned out the texture a little too much this time for my two cents. It is easier to drink for sure but wasn't quite worth it... Dry roasted nuts and ginger molasses cookies.

Finish: Long and tangy with lime and lemon wedges, toasted wood, lemongrass and fresh herbs.

Overall: This is a pretty subtle and rounded Marc... It is easy to drink and not too challenging like some other younger Marcs tend to be. Tart and earthy in the beginning but evolves as floral and winey later to balance all out after letting it it air for some time. I quite liked it. Very delicate... Some of you might know how big of a Fergus Henderson & Trevor Gulliver fan I am... Their restaurant St.John in London changed the way I think about food and booze for good right after the very first meal I had there back in early 2000s. Since then whenever we set foot on Britain we always make sure that we can carve enough time from our itinerary to visit the restaurant no matter what. I have to admit that there have been a few times where I purchased my plane ticket with a short London layover just to be able to have a meal at St.John... Anyway, long story short here is a quick recipe down below from Fergus Henderson using Marc to create a very simple and seriously yummy spread. Enjoy..!

Price: $50