Chapter 7 Caol Ila 9yo...

Chapter 7 Caol Ila 9yo (52.2%): No good independent bottler's range is complete without a young Caol Ila bottling and here is Chapter 7's nominee for the position: It is a nine year old whisky which first aged in a refill ex-Bourbon hogshead for six years and then transferred into a fresh fill ex-Bourbon barrel for additional maturation. 284 bottles have been made available.

Color: Rich yellow gold, oaked Chardonnay color with stubborn oily teardrops around the glass really taking their time before starting to roll down as thin legs. 

Nose: Lemon zest, vanilla and white cranberry juice. Rubber tubing we used to use for slingshots... New car tires and iodine tincture. Cold ocean spray, freshly cut pineapple and papaya slcies. Did you ever heard of the Greek submarine (ypovricho) dessert..? A gooey chunk of white sugary sweet served in a spoon soaked in a glass of cold water..? Well, I kinda grew up with it and this whisky totally reminded me that dessert with all its bubblegum, mastic and vanilla aromas... I can nose this thing for hours.

Palate: Warming... Lemon curd, candied pineapple rings and sea salt. Creme caramel, vanilla and pine gum. Wet wool, lox and burnt rosemary sprigs. Brine and white pepper.

Finish: Long, sweet and medicinal with crystallized ginger, vanilla sugar and more resin. 

Overall: This is a Caol Ila seriously punching above its weight. Feels way older and to be honest actually also way more expensive than it is. It's smoky, sweet and salty. Piney, doughy and full of vanilla from nose to finish... Absolutely loved the re-racking into a fresh fill ex-Bourbon barrel idea. A no brainer at this price point in my opinion. Get them if they are still around...

Price: £70



Winter Is Here said…
I want to disagree with you. Young Caol Ila sucks, the 12 is barely drinkable. It doesn't get good till 18+ but more likely 20+ is the sweetspot and even then it'sreally 21. I"ve been drinking for 33 years so I know what I'm talking about.
Sure of course we can disagree. Thanks..!