Glen Scotia 18yo...

Glen Scotia 18yo (46.0%): Ok, let's continue with another Glen Scotia today and this time I have an expression with an age statement to pour: Glen Scotia 18yo is blended from whiskies initially aged in refill ex-Bourbon barrels and refill American oak hogsheads. They are vatted together and then finished in first-fill ex-Oloroso casks for an additional 12 months before being bottled.

Color: Bright deep gold, wildflower honey color with quick forming but pretty slow moving legs.

Nose: Slightly sulphury on the nose in the beginning: Cooked mushrooms and lit matches which fade out rather quick after allowing it to air patiently for a couple of minutes... Peach Melba, red plums and strawberry preserve. Fireplace soot, rum soaked raisins and dried figs. Butter, cookie dough and vanilla.

Palate: Rock salt, soot and red pepper flakes. Honeycomb, caramel and bitter lemon. I still can taste some sulphur but it is buried way in the back... Buckskin, ground ginger and toasted oak. 

Finish: Medium to long with white pepper, peppermint and white chocolate. Puff of smoke, ground ginger and ground coriander.

Overall: It is lightly textured, silky and creamy... Incredibly easy to drink and pretty good priced for a 18yo whisky. To be completely honest it really didn't change the fact Victoriana and the 15yo being my favorites in Glen Scotia's line-up but that being said I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn't enjoy sipping this whisky at a beautiful evening while watching the sun disappear below the horizon like I am doing right now. It's a crowd pleaser for sure. 

Price: $100