tire-bouchon's top of 2021...

Here is the last post of the year but I have a short announcement first: It's been more than 12 years since I started this blog and as many long time followers would know it did go through quite a few different phases within all these years. But for a long time it was acting strictly as a brown spirits review site with tasting notes, scores, etc. but I think at this point we all can agree that no one would miss tire-bouchon if it changed its course to a different direction. Especially in an era where there are so many other tremendous sites (which I also follow religiously) posting reviews of all the new releases more regularly, more timely and to be honest in a more disciplined manner. I was thinking about this for some time and I decided to change this blog's course to back where it started... With the new year tire-bouchon will act more like a personal journal like it used to be rather than being another review site. We will cover almost everything we enjoy throughout the year from beer, to wine and other spirits (still including whiskies of course) with or without scores as well as food, music, literature and art. We will share our experiences from our travels, will post photos, will favor opinion pieces, interviews and maybe recipes. We will have guests writers and work on collaborations. In no particular order and/or format... I really hope that you will enjoy the new tire-bouchon and continue your support... Now before I lose your attention entirely here is what we liked in 2020:

I - Whisky of the Year: SMWS Cask 76.106 25yo (94)

II - Distillery/Bottler of the Year: PM Spirits


III - "Best Bang for the Buck" of the Year: Glen Moray Classic Sherry Cask Finish (86)


IV - Whisky-Alternative of the Year: Foursquare Criterion (93)

V - Beer of the yearRose de Gambrinus by Brasserie Cantillon

2. Apical Dominance by Russian River Brewing Company
3. Christmas Ale 2021 by Brouwerij St. Bernardus
4. Doomscrolling by Three Weavers Brewing Company
5. Smooth Deep Blues by El Segundo Brewing Company
6. Daewon Vs. Beer by Brouwerij West
7. Breaking Bud by Knee Deep Brewing Company
8. Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel by Klosterbrauerei Andechs
9. Barn Beer by Plan Bee Farm Brewery
10. Intiction Pinot Noir by Russian River Brewing Company

VI - Brewery of the year: Brouwerij West, San Pedro CA

3 Kafadar, Istanbul Turkey
Plan Bee Farm Brewery, Poughkeepsie NY

VII - Winery/Vineyard of the year (US): Rivers-Marie, Calistoga CA

Kita Wines, Lompoc CA

VIII - Winery/Vineyard of the year (non-US): Roberto Henriquez, Bio Bio Chile

Weinklang, Pamhagen Austria
Bodegas Granbazan, Pontevedra Spain


Selim Evin said…
Hey Bozkurt, happy new year! I wish you loads of fun in good health. I'm sure I'll enjoy the new format which will help me get out of my small world of brown spirits! Good continuation. All the best